Tramadol Side Effects

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Understand the side effects of Tramadol before using it.

Side Effects of Tramadol FAQ

The side effects of tramadol can vary between mild to severe based on the dosage of Tramadol and how badly you are abusing it.

Moreover, the side effects could vary based on person to person. So until you experience this drug and its after-effects, it is highly recommended not to drive vehicles and work on heavy machinery, etc. Because, you might experience dizziness at times which could turn into a catastrophe while driving.

The More common side effects of Tramadol: Headache, Drowsiness, Dizziness, Sweating, Dry Mouth, Nausea and vomiting, constipation, Lack of energy, Hallucination, Tremor, Insomnia and Diarrhea etc.

Common side effects does not require your doctors attention. But, if you experience any side effects which are list below then you should consult with your doctor immediately.

The following are the list of serious side effects of Tramadol: 

  • High blood pressure
  • Lack of movements (controlling ability)
  • Fast heart rate
  • Agitation
  • Coma
  • Hallucination
  • Reduced breathing rate
  • Confusion, Dizziness or Fainting
  • Shallow breathing
  • Restless
  • Irritated
  • Unable to sleep
  • Increased BP
  • Runny nose
  • Dilated pupils
  • Frequent Yawning
  • Chills
  • Muscle weakness
  • chronic fatigue
  • Seizures

Tramadol can interact with medicines. The effect of Tramadol or the other medication which you take may change its effects. This can become a serious issue. 

You need to inform your doctor about all the medications which you have been taking lately. Based on which, the doctor will workout a pattern by which you can take these medications without any issues. At time, the doctor might even cancel certain medications that you are taking.


Your doctor would be the best person to advise you on this based on the severity of your condition. In case if you are taking any heart medication, your doctor might not prescribe Tramadol because it could seriously lead into severe complication. 

List of medications to avoid while taking Tramadol are as follows: 

Depression Drugs: 

venlafaxine, sertraline, duloxetine, paroxetine, escitalopram, fluoxetine or citalopram

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs):

selegiline, isocarboxazid or phenelzine

Linezolid, Lithium, St. John’s wort, etc.

Headache drugs:

zolmitriptan, rizatriptan or sumatriptan



Benzodiazepines Drugs:

lorazepam, alprazolam, diazepam or clonazepam

Antipsychotic drugs:

thioridazine and chlorpromazine 

Anesthesia drugs:

propofol, succinylcholine or pentothal

Opioid drugs:

morphine, oxycodone or hydrocodone


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NO! Self medication is the worst thing which one could experience. It would turn into a disaster. We would highly appreciate if you could consult with your doctor before taking Tramadol. 

Remember: This is not over the counter drug to have it. You need to have a valid prescription to buy Tramadol online.

Yes. The Tramadol side effects will stop when you stop taking tramadol, provided it is a common side effect. If it is anything serious, then it might take some time to recover. 

Tramadol Side Effects

Side-effects of Tramadol

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