The Need for Canadian Pharmacies to Join Pharmacy Associations

Joining various pharmacy associations, such as the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA), can bring numerous benefits to any pharmacy in the country. By becoming a member of any of these organizations, a Canadian pharmacy can strengthen its career goals and ultimately achieve them.

With the help of the CIPA, the CPhA or the CACDS (Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores), pharmacists can enjoy certain educational privileges that will enable them to enhance their learning about the latest information and updates in the industry. They can then use this newly-acquired or updated knowledge about various drugs and treatments to enhance the services that they give to their patients. Pharmacy associations also provide various publications and online resources to its members to help them further enhance and update their knowledge about this constantly evolving industry.

A Canadian pharmacy endeavoring to become a member of a certain pharmacy association will also benefit from being able to network with other professional pharmacists. Typically, pharmacy associations hold annual meetings and expositions. These events are great avenues for pharmacists to meet colleagues who they can learn from and make beneficial partnerships with. In addition, pharmacy associations provide various online platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, from which their members can meet and connect.

Joining CIPA or any other pharmacy association enables pharmacists to advocate for their profession. Moreover, it is also an excellent way for them to proclaim or declare their professionalism. By becoming a member of any pharmacy association, a Canadian pharmacy strengthens and verifies its reputation as a legitimate and trustworthy provider of health services. It is an undeniable fact that people are very particular with reputation. Pharmacies that are not members of any pharmacy associations are deemed to be less reliable, professional and trustworthy compared to pharmacies that are accredited by an association such as the CPhA or the CACDS.

Becoming a member of a national pharmacy association is also a great way for pharmacists to voice out their opinions and ideas about the various healthcare and medication issues that inflict the country. Members can express their opinions about a certain healthcare issue to their respective associations. The associations, such as the CIPA, can then communicate these ideas or suggestions to the policy or lawmakers of this country. And since these organizations are recognized and respected by the government, their ideas or opinions are seriously and thoroughly considered. By being a member of an organization, a Canadian pharmacy can positively impact the pharmacy industry.

Finally, joining pharmacy associations is a great avenue for pharmacists to enhance their leadership and social skills. These organizations provide various training series, workshops and volunteer programs that will enhance both the professional and interpersonal skills of pharmacists. Furthermore, these national associations also offer various awards and scholarship programs. Members who are active or have contributed something significant to the organization will be duly recognized and awarded.

Joining a pharmacy association will definitely help a Canadian pharmacy achieve success in this industry. With the help of these organizations, pharmacists can enjoy various privileges, resources and experiences that will help them grow as professionals and enable them to achieve their career goals.

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